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Today's Tip -- Word

Keyboard Shortcuts

Most people know the common keyboard shortcuts like CTRL-O to open a document, CTRL-P to print, or CTRL-S to save. These are more or less universal – in other words, they work in most Windows applications. Here are some additional common keyboard shortcuts that will work in Word and many others:

  • CTRL-X Cut

  • CTRL-C Copy

  • CTRL-V Paste

  • CTRL-Z Undo

Most people know the F1 key will summon help. But do you know what these function keys do?

  • F2 allows you move text or graphics

  • F4 repeats the last task

  • F5 opens the Go To dialog box, with tabs for Find and Replace

  • F7 starts the spell checker

  • F12 chooses Save As

Of course almost any ribbon item can be invoked via the keyboard. Press the Alt key, and letters will appear below each ribbon tab. Press the N key, for example, for the Insert ribbon. Once displayed, each icon on the ribbon also displays a letter which, when pressed, will choose that option in the same way a mouse click would.

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