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Today's Tip -- QuickBooks Reporting

Customizing Reports – Choosing Columns

QuickBooks provides many standard reports, but if you want to tweak them you can do so with relative ease. For this tip we’ll change the columns that appear in the Transaction List by Customer report (found in the Customers & Receivables category), removing some and adding others.

  • Open the report

  • Click Customize Report at the top left.

  • On the Display tab, under Columns at the bottom left, locate the Memo, Clr and Split columns. If you’re using QuickBooks 2016, you can use the Search Columns field to easily find these fields. Clear the check mark in front of each to remove them from the report.

  • In the same list, locate Due Date and place a check mark in the first column. This will add that field to the report.

  • Move Due Date so that it follows Date by clicking and dragging its header to the left.

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