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Today's Tip -- Windows

Viewing Open Windows

If you are like most Windows users, you typically have more than one application open at a time. Even as I write this, I have Word, Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer and QuickBooks open, sitting on the taskbar waiting their turn for attention. If, however, you need to refer to information in one window while operating in another, flipping back and forth may not be very convenient.

To help with this, Windows provides a number of ways to view two or more open applications at once.

Snapping: If you want to see two application windows vertically side by side, simply drag the title bar of the first window to the upper left corner of your screen, until Windows displays a proposed box, then let go. Do the same with the second window, dragging it up and to the upper right until Windows displays a proposed box. Your windows will be side by side.

Stacking: If you need to see more than two windows at once, you can "stack" them. For three windows, this will arrange the windows horizontally, one above the other. For four our more, Windows will arrange each application in a tiled format. To do this, right click over the task bar at the bottom, and choose Show Windows Stacked.

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